Italy in Texas Food Tour! – Saturday, March 23

Italy in Texas Food Tour!
(open to the public)
w Guest Host Food Writer Paul Galvani
Sat March 23 1:30

Local food writer, Paul Galvani, is hosting an Italian Food Tour of Houston along with Chef Will Springfield, owner of Food Tours of Houston. If you love Italian food and want to discover some secret places where you’ll find some of the best Italian food Houston has to offer, then this is definitely the tour for you. You will learn about the history of Italians in Houston as well as an understanding of what makes a good pizza and why fresh pasta is the only pasta worth eating. In addition, find out what makes a good espresso and why Paul rarely drinks espresso at any restaurant.“On this Italian Food Tour of Houston, we will visit some of my favorite places to enjoy Italian food, wine, dessert, coffee and pastries,” says Paul. “This is going to be a progressive dinner, starting out with an antipasto platter, followed by an authentic Neapolitan pizza followed by a delicious fresh pasta meal and finally an espresso and pastry or gelato, all at different locations around town. Guests will also visit a fresh pasta factory in the heart of Houston that supplies fresh pasta to many Houston restaurants. Here, they will receive a package of fresh pasta and sauce of their choice to make at home,” added Galvani.
Participants will meet at a Nundini Chef’s Table and Restaurant then be transported to the various locations by bus.
Please note: there is limited availability for this tour and tours sell out quickly.

What: Italian Food Tour of Houston
When: Saturday March 23rd 2019 from 1:45-6:30 pm
Where: meet at Nundini Chef’s Table and Restaurant, 500 North Shepherd
How to sign up: Call 281 513 1833 OR visit OR email Will Springfield @
Cost: $85 per person

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